Viewing the Struggle for Civil Rights through a Child’s Eyes: BYU Theatre Produces "North Star"

Viewing the Struggle for Civil Rights through a Child’s Eyes: BYU Theatre Produces “North Star”


From the Bonner Family!

 This is historic for BYU!


Many have not had the chance to celebrate Black History Month, or they would like to celebrate more of Black History. There is a live, virtual presentation written and directed by award-winning African American playwright, Gloria Bond Clunie, and produced by Brigham Young University (BYU). It’s called “North Star.” It will be presented this week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening.

It’s a period piece focusing on the dynamics of the Civil Rights movement of the early ’60s, highlighting the social challenges of the period, especially for African American families involved in non-violent protests.
Because it is timely and its themes are so worthwhile, I feel that many will be pleased and touched to experience this award-winning work.
The Bonner family have been working closely with the theatre department at BYU as part of the cast and/or musical production team providing original pre-show music and musical interludes. Below are links that share the basic information such as when and at what time the production will be presented, and how anyone may watch it. The production is free of charge.

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BYU Arts article:


Facebook event links for all three shows:
If you have any questions, call the BYU Arts department at 801-422-2981.
“North Star” is historical, passionate, with applicable current themes for today.
Join us and experience this unforgettable presentation!

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