VIDEO: Voting Our Conscience: Women of Faith Speak Up and Speak Out

VIDEO: Voting Our Conscience: Women of Faith Speak Up and Speak Out

We are women of faith from across the political spectrum who feel a deep concern about the quality of leadership in our country and our world.


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[00:00:00.390] Democracy is not a spectator sport. Our votes are meaningful if we give them meaning. This election is not about allegiance to a political party. It is about saving our democracy.

[00:00:12.060] Trust me, the world is watching.

[00:00:15.000] Did you know that latter U.S. women have a special legacy when it comes to voting?

[00:00:18.960] I’ve always been taught to vote for people who are honest and ethical and have integrity, and that’s what I’ve tried to do my whole life.

[00:00:25.530] My vote is not for a party, but for honesty, empathy, decency.

[00:00:31.380] It was in 1870 that allowed a seat.

[00:00:33.750] Woman was the first American woman to vote. And may we honor our foremothers legacy and may we be the peacemakers who elect peacemakers.

[00:00:43.500] When we rise together with ethical morality, we not only shape generations to come, we powerfully move our nation to confront and shake off the sins of the past.

[00:00:58.320] One of the tenets of my faith is that God loves all of his children, and that part of our mission here on Earth is to reflect that love and to try to spread it wherever we can.

[00:01:09.090] As a lifelong conservative, I am concerned by the increasing lack principled political candidates who share my values, honor, decency, courage and integrity matter to me.

[00:01:19.710] In November, I will be prioritizing the character of our nation.

[00:01:25.230] I will choose experience over entertainment, sincerity over posturing and unity over chaos.

[00:01:33.240] I cannot in good conscience support a leader like our president in times of crisis like we are in continues to divide our country rather than unite it.

[00:01:43.740] Sometimes I’m tempted to sit back and say God is at the helm. If something needs fixing, he will do it. But I believe that God expects us to utilize the agency and gifts he has given us to make choices and take actions to change our destiny for the better. We have to choose principles over loyalty to a party.

[00:02:00.930] And Joseph Smith has said, I teach them correct principles when they govern themselves. Thomas Jefferson has said a key to a successful democracy is an informed citizenry. We are an independent collection of Latter day Saints women from across the political spectrum who speak for ourselves. We condemn bullying and move above partisanship. Let us not retreat when toxic rhetoric misleads and divides. Let us not be silent.

[00:02:29.580] When the rule of law and our Constitution are undermined, I will vote for principles rather than a party for grace and humanity rather than fear and divisiveness.

[00:02:39.570] We do not presume to speak for or represent the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. However, like our foremothers, we hold the highest vision of humanity and we seek leaders who honor that vision.

[00:02:55.000] Hello from American Samoa. I am watching this year’s election cycle very closely and have a front row seat to see how its outcome will impact not only the citizens of the US, but those around the world as well.

[00:03:08.290] I continue to believe that I must vote my conscience and I must stand up for what I believe is right for myself and for my family, for my religion and for my God this November. Don’t make the mistake of doing nothing simply because you can only do a little. Instead, please vote vote in a way that seeks to protect the common good. Vote for candidates who obey the law and love their neighbor. Vote for politicians who express faith in our nation and can help us heal.

[00:03:36.870] Do your small part to make a big difference. Millennials continue to have the lowest voter turnout of any age group. I am a millennial and I believe it’s my responsibility to research the issues in 2020 and cast my vote. My voice matters and so does yours. Our current president is dishonest, incompetent and uncaring about people who don’t look like him, who don’t agree with him or her outsiders in other ways.

[00:04:05.970] This November, as women of faith and covenant, we reject the ugly, cruel and corrupt to champion principle, unity, harmony and integrity. This means we cannot vote to re-elect our current president.

[00:04:21.780] One hundred years ago, we as women were given a voice in some measure due to the valiant efforts of our powerful and faithful Utah suffragists. Today, let’s make sure that voice is heard loud and clear as we exercise our right to vote this November.

[00:04:40.230] Our nation’s soul is on the line.


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