If you’re not completely satisfied with the Church’s new online scripture study tools, we’ve got a great new way for you to study online. Aaron Goodwin keeps a blog entitled You Should Be! and recently wrote about how he studies his scriptures. He’s got some amazing tips on everything from the tools he uses to the way he sets up his screen.

Evernote: study scriptures online

Here’s the brief version: Aaron splits his screen in half. On the left he has his browser open with 3 tabs:

  1. A plain text version of the scriptures from scriptures.nephi.org
  2. The awesome LDS Scripture Citation Index (or try the updated beta version) which is a super-powered scriptural index from BYU.edu
  3. The Blue Letter Bible, an amazing resource with many translations of the Bible

The other side of his screen he has Evernote open to take his notes in, you can save the link to the scripture. Then—this is key—he uses these resources to really study the scriptures and record what he learns as he learns it. Note: if you already have an Evernote account, check out the Evernote Web Clipper plugin for easy archiving and notations from your browser, plus with the mobile app, which allows you to save/note stuff on the go, including just quick snapshots using the camera.

Personally I’ve found the new tools included with the LDS.or scriptures to be somewhat clunky, and well… less than amazing. I have high hopes for them, but for now they don’t offer a great option. Looking for other answers, I’d tried using Evernote, but wasn’t familiar with some of the other great tools Aaron introduces. I really like his ideas and am going to try them out myself, including the awesome resources number 2 and 3 above, which I haven’t used previously.



Thanks to Aaron for sharing. Make sure to read the original post and tell Aaron what you think about his awesome online study method in the comments. Then let us know what tools and methods you use to enhance your scripture study in the comments below.