Are you like me? You kneel down at night to say your nightly prayer and start out with sincere thanksgiving for your many blessings, and then your wandering mind gets thrown off track. You suddenly realize you have been thinking about ways to improve that meatloaf you made for dinner the same night? Or you wake up a few hours later ashamed that your sleepiness got the best of you while you were trying to prayer to your Eternal Father.

Eat, Move, Sleep

A few weeks ago I read the book Eat, Move, Sleep by Tom Rath. It’s been a best seller and is really worth the read. In the book there are various life changing tweaks one can make in their life to be more healthy and live longer. He talks about the power of white noise. Don’t know what white noise is? See HERE. Mr. Rath claims that by listening to white noise at night in bed it can increase how quickly you fall asleep and can help many with insomnia. It basically goes back to reason why babies fall asleep in the car so easily. The noise from the road and engine seems to sooth quickly. After reading this book I found myself in a busy restaurant trying to get some work done on my laptop. The constant restaurant noise was incredibly distracting so I thought I would try white noise to increase my focus. I turned it on and was immediately transformed into what felt like an abandoned library. Though I had white noise in my ears, it blocked out the distracting sounds with a constant hum that allowed me to focus.

White Noise With Personal Prayer

This made me wonder what effect it would have on my personal prayer. What I found was remarkable! It has slowed down my wandering mind and helped me focus on the reasons why I am praying. It also blocks out the noise of my house. If you have kids, like I do, you have probably experienced praying in one room while listening to your child in the next room have a debate with your spouse about why a popsicle before bed is a good idea. It’s distracting and can feed a wandering mind. Be aware! You aren’t going to like it at first. When you first listen to white noise you think, I CAN’T EVEN HEAR MYSELF THINK, LET ALONE PRAY! Give it time, and your mind will soon adjust your focus and you won’t even realize the noise is there.

White Noise Praying 7-Day Challenge

Try praying for at least 10 minute (morning and night, of course) with white noise for 7 days. Like I said, you won’t like this at first, but give it at least 7 days. Download THIS MP3 FILE (10 minutes of white noise) to your phone or mp3 player. Be sure to notify others in your home you are doing this. If the house catches on fire, their yelling and screaming won’t alert you. Kneel down, put your headphones on, and start the white noise. Once the track is done you will know that 10 minutes is up and you can close your prayer.

Please share your experience in the comments once you take the 7-day challenge.

Bonus: Try using THIS LINK when you study the scriptures. White noise will enhance scripture study as well.