Author: Kurt Francom

How to Pack Only 2 Pairs of Underwear for Any Trip – Scrubba Review

I’m a minimalist. Sometimes people can’t understand why I minimize certain parts of my life but it’s like a drug for me. I love simple. I’ve been doing some traveling lately and I hate checking bags. I want to just take a small roller carry-on and my computer bag. If I have to take more than that, the trip is not worth it and I am probably spending way too much money. Six months ago I bought a Scrubba. It’s a small green laundry wash bag that has changed my life when I travel. No matter how long the...

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Enhance Personal Prayer & Scripture Study with White Noise

This is post 1 of 5 in the series “Enhance Your Scripture Study” Are you like me? You kneel down at night to say your nightly prayer and start out with sincere thanksgiving for your many blessings, and then your wandering mind gets thrown off track. You suddenly realize you have been thinking about ways to improve that meatloaf you made for dinner the same night? Or you wake up a few hours later ashamed that your sleepiness got the best of you while you were trying to prayer to your Eternal Father. Eat, Move, Sleep A few weeks ago I...

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Using Mormon Words to Share the Gospel

I remember, as a student at the University of Utah, being in a classroom where I noticed one of my fellow students wearing a University of Michigan t-shirt. This came as no surprise to me because I had previously engaged in a conversation with him about his full-time mission to the state of Michigan. I then witnessed a conversation between him and another student whom was not a member of the church. The non-member student asked why he was a fan of University of Michigan if he attended the University of Utah. The returned missionary then stated, “Oh….well, you see, I spent two years...

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DIY: Create Your Own Topical Guide

Have you ever met anyone that has an amazing mind for retention? You can typically find these freaks of nature teaching LDS institute at your local college. Any topic can come up and they confidently say, “That reminds me of a scripture; let’s turn to it, shall we?” Contrast that with someone like myself. I usually say, “That reminds me of a scripture….let’s see…was it in 2 Nephi? Maybe it was in the book of Habakkuk?” I then spend the next few minutes in vain searching the Topical Guide for the “perfect scripture” that just can’t be found when I need it. I’ve never...

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Tithing Settlement Tear-Off Schedule

‘Tis the season to go shopping, make neighbor treats, attend Christmas concerts, visit the family, wrap gifts, put up the Christmas tree, and while doing all this the bishop needs you to find 15 minutes in your schedule to come settle your tithing. Don’t try to sneak out of this one or else the bishop will hunt you down and make the process more painful (not really). If you don’t show up the bishop will have to use his best judgement (wild guess) and declare your tithing for you. It’s best to open up your schedule and make some...

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