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Kurt is the mind behind Leading LDS, a blog about enhancing individual LDS leadership. He and his wife are new proud parents.

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Using Mormon Words to Share the Gospel

I remember, as a student at the University of Utah, being in a classroom where I noticed one of my fellow students wearing a University of Michigan t-shirt. This came as no surprise to me because I had previously engaged in a conversation with him about his full-time mission to the state of Michigan. I then witnessed a conversation between him and another student whom was not a member of the church. The non ...

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DIY: Create Your Own Topical Guide

Have you ever met anyone that has an amazing mind for retention? You can typically find these freaks of nature teaching LDS institute at your local college. Any topic can come up and they confidently say, "That reminds me of a scripture; let's turn to it, shall we?" Contrast that with someone like myself. I usually say, "That reminds me of a scripture....let's see...was it in 2 Nephi? Maybe it was in the bo ...

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Tithing Settlement Tear-Off Schedule

'Tis the season to go shopping, make neighbor treats, attend Christmas concerts, visit the family, wrap gifts, put up the Christmas tree, and while doing all this the bishop needs you to find 15 minutes in your schedule to come settle your tithing. Don't try to sneak out of this one or else the bishop will hunt you down and make the process more painful (not really). If you don't show up the bishop will hav ...

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How to Move into a New Area With Confidence

Moving into a new area raises a lot of questions. How many church members live close by? Are the schools decent? Has there been a homicide in the area? Will your next door neighbor have 100 cats? You really don't know until you have lived there for a few years. Why not talk to someone that has lived there for years -- the bishop. By using you can look up the local ward in the area which always ...

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How to Print a Ward Map & Organize Emergency Prep

Big news! You better sit down for this one...ok...are you ready? LDS Maps just got an upgrade! that news isn't too exciting and many of you don't even know what LDS Maps is. If you haven't checked it out then you should do so now. It's a slick tool that allows you to find stake members, meetinghouses, temples, and other Church facilities. It really comes in handy when you travel or move to a ne ...

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A Scripture a Day

Daily scripture study is vital to our spiritual welfare and should be done consistently without question. But what about throughout the day as you sit pounding the keyboard in your office? Do you ever stop and ponder back on what you learned that morning or consider the scriptures at all? A busy day can keep your mind away from the gospel and most important things in life. Luckily can he ...

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Use Bubbles To Entertain Children

While serving my mission I received a package from my sister containing a little canister of liquid bubbles. These weren’t just bubbles but they were touchable bubbles you could catch in your hand without popping them. I put these bubbles in my proselyting bag and every place I went where children were present I pulled out the bubbles and became the best show in town. This created opportunities to talk with ...

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Why Every Bishop Needs Google Voice

When someone is called as bishop they suddenly become very popular. Part of this popularity is the perpetual ringing of the phone. Of course each bishop has an executive secretary that will set up appointments and help organize the busy schedule. But that won't stop the phone from ringing. People feel like their issue is important enough to streamline communication to the bishop. From someone having a bad d ...

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Journal in Less Than 30 Seconds

Have you ever read past journals (or blogs) and noticed you begin each entry with an apology for not writing in so long? "Dear Diary, I am so sorry it has been three decades since I have written. I promise I'll write everyday from now on." Yeah.....right. Journal writing can be difficult when most of us are running around trying to keep up with life in general. How on earth are we suppose to find the time t ...

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How To Create a Ward Hotline

Somewhere a bishop's phone is ringing. And if it isn't ringing then it's probably the relief society president's phone. Each ward has different demands. Some have a high volume of transportation requests others have moves happening every week. This typically results in a variety of phone calls to local church leaders. Any opportunity to streamline such calls is worth consideration. In my ward we have an ass ...

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