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LDS Priesthood Slack Channel – Use Slack at Church


With the crazy and increasingly wicked world we live in, I wish I had more opportunities to feel the Spirit with the brethren from church throughout the week.  I would say I even need the strength that comes from a group of faithful like-minded brethren.

It is with this landscape in mind that I want to try an experiment.

I just created the LDS Priesthood Slack Channel.  For those that have never used Slack it is like a fancy version of chat, but you can break things down into specific channels (like #fatherhood and #faith) and have a searchable record.  It’s free to use as well.

I’d like to try and see if this channel can be a place for brethren to interact with one another throughout the week, to connect and share questions we have, share lessons we are learning, and spiritually strengthen one another.  Here is a short video overview of how I’ve started it and what I’m thinking so far (but I’m very open to suggestions!).

Here is a doc I created that outlines the purposes of this group and how to get started as well.

You can join the LDS Priesthood Slack Channel here. Do it on the web or download the Mac App, Windows App, iOS App, or Android App.

Other Slack Uses in Church

I’ve become a huge fan of Slack recently.  Here are a few of the other church uses that come to mind.

  • Leadership – Centralized Communication within a Presidency, Ward Council, Bishopric, etc.
  • Study Groups – For individual groups, or self reliant courses.
  • Employment Services – Connect business owners in the area with people looking for jobs
  • Family History – People that are working on family history all day could connect and work together.
  • Families – If you want to be a bit more organized in your chat and have a searchable record you could create a family slack team.  🙂

In addition to communication, there are also a ton of great apps you can integrate with Slack. Here are a few ideas for LDS Slack Integrations. (NOTE: These do NOT exist yet… but it is possible to do this.

  • Integrate with so any scripture typed would be hyperlinked.
  • Integrate with so that we can search for talks/scriptures in Slack.
  • Integrate with music so we can type a song and play it in the chat.
  • Integrate with FamilySearch to search for ancestors and automatically pull up bio information.

Oh man.. now my mind is going… with some of these apps combined you could have a really neat interactive study with the /slackbot to ask it questions in an almost AI type of way.

What do you think?  What other uses for Slack can you think of?  What other integrations can you think of?

  1. Awesome write up! I’m the Young Men’s Pres right now and we use slack in our presidency to do all of our communication. A million times better than group texts! =)

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