Previously we shared a way to quickly review the audio of General Conference talks. The Nov., “conference edition” Ensign will be arriving soon. Fortunately for all of us an MLH reader, Heather was kind enough to share her method for recording thoughts and inspiration as she studies the Ensign’s printed version of General Conference talks.

Heather takes the General Conference edition Ensigns (May and Nov.) and then places sticky notes over the pictures. That way she can highlight the text itself, but also have room to write down her own personal thoughts and inspiration, right next to the text it applies to. Here’s a sample from a talk she studied in this way (recreated in Photoshop for clarity):

Print the Ensign

You can subscribe to the Ensign here, or pick them up for some change at Deseret Book or Deseret Industries. If you want to print it yourself for some reason, visit the Ensign page here. Next navigate to the issue you want. Finally, click the very first download button in the top-gray bar (as pictured) and then the PDF icon at the bottom of the drop-down. This will give you a printable replication of the physical Ensign shipped to subscribers.

Do you find this tip helpful? How do you study General Conference?