NBA's Jabari Parker and Oba Bonner Star in New Music Video "HUSTLIN'" LDS Mormon

NBA’s Jabari Parker and Oba Bonner Star in New Music Video “HUSTLIN'”


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Oba Bonner, of the Bonner Family fame, has a new track out. And it is a “must-listen!”

And, believe it or not, Latter-day Saint NBA star Jabari Parker is a key figure in the video!

The two are friends, and Oba, a returned missionary, feels the song not only describes what Jabari does on the basketball court, it also describes what happens in each of our individual lives.

“I’m a rapper and I can still be a returned missionary.”

“A lot of people might think they have to choose. People might feel like maybe they can’t be themselves but the truth is you can; you can be all of those things and still be a faithful Latter-day Saint. Jabari and I, we share the gospel through what we do, just by living the gospel.”

Oba also shares…

I’m a part of a musical family. My mom is the reason for that.

My mother, Debra Bonner, has been a voice teacher for over 40 years and was an associate of Michael Jackson’s voice teacher for over 20 years.

My family, The Bonner Family (whom I sing with), were featured in the live global “Be One” celebration which can be viewed on Youtube and Facebook. Also individuals from the family are featured on various musical projects including EFY, and Broadway.

My up-and-coming music video release to my single, “Hustlin’” is about Jabari Parker’s road to success and about chasing your dreams.

It wasn’t long after I was born that I realized a music career was what I wanted. For years I begged my parents to let me move to LA in pursuit of a music career and they finally said yes. I soon realized that I had to grind and make things happen for himself.

I was fortunate enough to make some connections early on and found himself becoming a studio rat! After school I would head to the studio and learn from Grammy award-winning producers and songwriters who have worked with Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and more. Because of the people I met and skills I learned, I currently works with artists such as Brandy and Queen Latifah on their live shows as a programmer.

For my senior year, I moved back to Utah and graduated in the city of Provo. As a 2013 graduate of Timpview High School, this is my biggest collaboration to date.

This is also the first single from my debut EP.

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