Many of the cast from ONCE I WAS A BEEHIVE are back.


This looks so funny!

Think “What about Bob?” meets “Elf.”

The Bernard Brothers used to be best buds. But when they lose their parents in a tragic accident, Jake and Maclain start to drift apart—light years apart— because Jake suddenly believes he can time travel. 15 years later, Maclain has started a new life with his wife Clare, and has all but forgotten about his estranged brother. He even sees a therapist, Dr. Murphy (James “Murr” Murray) to help him scrub the pain out completely.

But his wife has other plans. Clare thinks the only way for her husband to get over the past is to reunite Maclain and Jake at the family cabin for Christmas. Maclain is not happy about his Christmas surprise but he promises his wife he will try and be brotherly as long as Jake doesn’t mention his “abilities.” They begin to rekindle their friendship of old, and  start to have an amazing Christmas, like the good ol’ days. But after some unexplainable events, the time travel questions can no longer be hidden. His stories are so eerily real that everyone wonders whether he is crazy, or somehow telling the truth. Maclain must decide whether to send Jake away where he can’t hurt himself, or to simply love his brother, the Time Traveler.