Makings by Meikah gives one member's view on inclusion (and lack thereof) and institutional racism in Church History

Makings by Meikah gives one member’s view on racial inclusion (and lack thereof) in Church history


I am not claiming to be perfect or advanced in any way, but there are things I have noticed that I know can be better. I have not always felt comfortable or capable of speaking my thoughts, but I feel a great responsibility to do so.
I want to say thank you to my role models who have passively and actively encouraged me to give the world my input. My self-image is finally healthy enough for me to know I have important things to say, so I want to say them.
Sharing this is not a way to get praise. The only thing I deserve from this is the victory of saying what I need to say, and having the confidence to do so again. But these words were given to me by God, so I want to spread them as far as I can.
Do what you want, respond how you’d like, but please don’t read through the entirety of my work without giving it thought. Don’t make me share these words in vain.

The response has been interesting, to say the least. From full support to criticism and skepticism. Click on the actual post above to see even more comments.

  • This is absolutely fantastic. Thank you.
  • This is so enlightening and honestly mind blowing! 
     Can’t thank you enough for expanding my perspective on this and on the imperfections that exist within our church members and culture.
  • I missed if this mentions the Pearl of Great Price and the Book of Moses. I would be very happy to know that this had been added upon by the brethren after Joseph Smith since he and Emma accepted black members into the priesthood and their family,
  • I love this, I think it would also further your point to mention that one of the biggest reasons that the church was driven out of Jackson County, Missouri is that they were teaching and voting for abolition and this was seen as a political and economi…

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  • Anyone who is familiar with the D&C knows that it’s full of small corrections to church policies. God apparently spoke to Joseph very often about the small discrepancies he was noticing. It’s a little strange that all the early prophets were allowed to…

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  • Y’all that are being so mean to this girl because “she’s white”, y’all don’t know her!!!! She is A POC!!!! She’s Filipino!!! She is sharing her experience and love of the gospel and how she is wanting to put proper representation for Other POC.
  • Thank you for making this, and for sharing your personal inadequacies and growth with respect to LDS racial doctrines. This really well done. I look forward to reading it over with my kids.
    I made a few comments on specific frames, but those are rega…


  • Interesting how we are all Confirmation bias animals that base our reality on emotions.


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  • Meikah! I just saw this post shared by another LDS friend. Thank you so much for making it and sharing it!

    I know this is weird but I just want to cry out and hug you for being another LDS illustrator like myself. Do you or did you go to BYU or BYU-Id…

  • That was a deal breaker when I was thinking of becoming a LDS. I mean, wtf! Lost my respect for that religion since then.
  • This is amazing. Thank you.
  • This is so helpful! Thank you!
  • Right, they just wrote and taught it *wrong*… for a century and a half. All the while in communication with God… who didn’t correct the issue to THIS message until now… Uh uh… in a Facebook meme… Uh huh.
    Totally not BS. Totally. 
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  • I love your art and I think there’s a lot of great stuff in this. 

     Here’s a great article that explains that ‘black’ is actually a Hebrew idiom and doesn’t refer to skin tone. It’s really great and gives more detail – I think you’ll find it helpful (I…

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    How We Misinterpret "Black" and "Curse" in the Scriptures: Insights from an African American Convert
    How We Misinterpret “Black” and “Curse” in the Scriptures: Insights from an African American Convert

    How We Misinterpret “Black” and “Curse” in the Scriptures: Insights from an African American Convert


  • Cognitive dissonance is one hell of a drug. Hopefully one day she’ll look at these topics again and realize the atrocities the church has done and come to the conclusion that not only are people not perfect, but the doctrine certainly isn’t either.
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  • Yep, the prophets can be wrong . . . every one of them repeatedly for 126 years. But now they’re all correct. God finally got the kinks out and prophecy is working, finally. Maybe we’ll stop fighting against every human rights movement. The prophets …

  • Brigham Young did nothing wrong. Presentism is evil.