You love them (when they keep your kids entertained for hours on end).

You hate them (in the middle of the night when you walk into the toy room on the way to the bathroom).

It may quite possibly be the best toy ever invented. Especially for Primary Nursery, right (just watch the whole choking hazard thing)?

Now, they are even better.

With this new Nimuno tape, you can stick your bricks almost anywhere!

Adhere it.

Stick it.

Cut it.

And it is cheap!

Two rolls will cost you just $11, while $50 will get you 10 rolls.

The project is being funded on Indiegogo (the original funding goal of $8,000 is close to $400,000!).

More info: Indiegogo (h/t) boredpanda

This Lego tape lets you stick your bricks anywhere

The tape is flexible and you can cut it to any size

Its adhesive lets you attach it to all sorts of surfaces

You can even stick it on your shoes!

You can also make curvy shapes such as hills and rivers

The tape is made by a design studio called Nimuno, who funded the project on Indiegogo

Their original target was $8,000 but backers have since raised over $375,000!

The tape is surprisingly cheap, with 2 rolls costing just $11 USD. $50 will get you 10

It’s currently available for pre-order now, with shipping scheduled for July

The internet was understandably quick to respond