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Cool Links: Schemer, Jimmer, Christmas Carol, Apps, More!


Great New Media From the Church

Mormons In World News…

Tons of Mobile App Goodness

Other Cool Stuff: BioLite and Schemer

  • The BioLite CampStove and it’s big brother the HomeStove are coming soon. They’ll make a huge difference for 3rd-world communities, and would also make an awesome addition to your Scout Troop’s equipment stores, your family’s camping gear, or your emergency preparedness and food storage supplies.
  • Schemer is a new service from Google that helps you keep track of cool things you’ve done, and discover new ones to make sure you do. The trick to accomplishing a bucket list, is having one. So along with it’s mobile app, Schemer helps you create one and will alert you when you’re near something in your “want to do” list. Use this link (1st 20 people) to get in to the beta. Post your invite link in the comments to help other MLH readers get in when my 20 run out.
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