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As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we are becoming comfortable sharing gospel related content online. We are becoming comfortable inviting others to come unto Christ via our various social media streams. The Church produces shareable content at an astonishing rate, and many members contribute their own fantastic content, as well. But there’s a less discussed aspect of social technology that is waaaaaay fun to use, and potentially waaaay more effective, too. Chat!

You can do it anywhere. You can do it any time. This casual form of communication has facilitated more gospel discussion in my life than perhaps any other medium. When I say “chat,” what I mean is any form of instant messaging, including SMS. What chat lacks in face-to-face communication benefits, it makes up for with the benefits of written communication in general. You can think before you respond. You can craft answers without the pressure to reply immediately.

I can’t claim to have the most illustrious chatting history on the internet. It can be used to argue and waste time just as easily as to uplift, discuss, and teach. (Pro Tip: never discuss personal relationships over chat, especially things like relationship status.) That said, I am grateful for this medium of communication, and I know that it has been used to great effect in my life as a means to receive encouragement and support as well as to create missionary opportunities and serve others.

So take the chat challenge. Chat with someone about something spiritually meaningful to you. Or ask them a spiritually meaningful question. Friend. Family. Acquaintance. Believer. Atheist. Whoever. Start a conversation and see where it goes.

Already have experiences chatting about the gospel? Tell us about one in the comments below.

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chat the gospel

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