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Be open. Be kind. Be human.


We’ve all heard that “the only constant in life is change.”

As I get older, I have noticed that life is truly in a constant state of flux.

We morph.
We evolve.
We change.

The best metaphor in nature I’ve personally experienced for this is the Rainbow Eucalyptus, a fairly rare species of tree that Jenny and I encountered together a few years ago.

In 2017, I went to Kauai for a wedding.

Four of us were on the northern part of the island near Princeville doing all the touristy things. We stopped at a park where we were going to go on a short hike, and ran into these trees. 🌈

The bark on the Rainbow Eucalyptus is thinner than what you find on most trees. It sheds at various times throughout the year revealing a bright green under layer which changes color over time.

Air and light react with the bark, which causes the long strips to turn from green to shades of red, orange, blue, purple and even pink.

Because it sheds intermittently, the trees colors are in a constant state of change.

Patterns never repeat.

Each tree is unique; not only from other trees in its species, but from the tree’s former self.

It is in a constant state of flux, literally from day to day.

I am that tree.

We are those trees.

We change.

Day to day.

The choices we make.
The people we meet.
The places we go.

All these factors change us and reveal the new colors within us.

I’m grateful for the new vibrant shades that are emerging as I grow older. I sure hope I’ve become and more β€œcolorful” over time. All the good, bad, and in between have shaped my colors.

Each one of us is unique. We bring beauty to this world through our individual perspective. I’ve learned to listen to and respect everyone’s journey. Others who are different from me broaden my perspective. As I listen, I vicariously learn what makes them human and unique, adding to my experience.

Who has been the catalyst to most change me and my perspective? Jenny Noonan Dye. I sure appreciate how she shares her thoughts and journey, and how that makes me better.

The moral of the story?

Be kind.
Be open.
Be human.

Our differences bring color and beauty to this world.

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