While there’s a lot of negativity that can be found online today, there are also tons of ways that you can use the Internet to be a light to others and bring happiness and hope back into the world. 


To help you see how you can do this as part of your own acts of service and missionary work, here are three ways that you can begin to share your beliefs online. 


Create Your Own Website


If sharing your beliefs is something that you want to spend a lot of time doing and working on, one great solution would be to create your own website where you can discuss anything you want with a broad audience. 


While it can be a lot of work to develop an entire website from scratch, having the space and freedom that a website could afford you may make it easier for you to get your thoughts out and share them with people that you may not have run into in any other way. Along with this, EverydayMissionaries.org also shares that, if you ever meet someone who has questions about your beliefs but you don’t have the ability to share them in-person, sending them to your website could be a great way to continue the conversation. Then, if your visitors have additional questions, they can contact you in order to continue speaking with you and learning more about your beliefs or way of life. 


Find Discussions Online


If creating your own website where you discuss your beliefs doesn’t sound like something you want to take on, you can always look for ways that you can contribute to other discussions of faith that are already taking place. 


To do this, Larry Richman, a contributor to LDS Living, suggests that you try things like joining online groups and communities where topics of faith are openly and respectfully discussed, searching for the use of hashtags that are relevant to your beliefs, or browsing the comment section of religious posts so you can answer any questions that others have posed. 


Invite Others To Act


Another option for sharing your beliefs online is to use your own social media or community profiles to invite others to learn more about a certain aspect of your beliefs that you’ve shared online. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints website shares that you can do this by posting videos, quotes, links, or questions that encourage your followers to think about their own beliefs and how they are similar or different than yours. 


If you’ve been wanting to use the Internet for good and opposed some of the darkness that can currently be found there, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find some actionable ways that you can share your beliefs online.