How to memorize scriptures and hymns the easy way

How to memorize hymns and scriptures

How to memorize hymns and scriptures

This is something I learned from an Elder on my mission. Though, ironically, I didn’t try it till I’d been home for several years. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Print the lyrics of a hymn (or a scripture you want to memorize). Make sure it’s small enough that it will fit in a sandwich baggie.
  2. Put it inside a sandwich baggie (with the opening on the bottom: because the seal is heavier, this keeps it from peeling off as easily).
  3. Try to get as much air out of it as possible (this step may be repeated once it gets some hot water on it).
  4. Get the baggie wet and stick it to the back of the shower wall.
  5. Start singing.

This is a simple way to invite the Spirit as you start your day. Plus, having a store of hymns in your memory has its own power:

“Sometimes you may have difficulty driving off the stage of your mind a certain evil thought. To drive it off, Elder Boyd K. Packer suggests that you sing an inspirational song of Zion or just think of its words” (Think on Christ).


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6 comments on “How to memorize scriptures and hymns the easy way

  1. Floyd the Wonderdog says:

    When my children were seminary students, I taped a clear page protector to the cereal box. I could then put Scripture Mastery scriptures and other thoughts in the page protector for them to use while eating. It worked quite well.

  2. Additionally it may help to start with only a few lines at a time. Having done a lot of acting, and thus, memorizing, I've found it's much more difficult to *correct* a wrong memorization, then to memorize it correctly from the start.

  3. Chris Mower says:

    Not related to hymns, although it could be… I used to make flash cards and do a cheap lamination on them for memorizing while in the shower.

  4. Tevya says:

    Great ideas all. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Melodee Andersen says:

    This is a great idea, I am going to try it.

  6. Sebastian says:

    It helps a lot, and maybe is the best way, to memorize listening to music, specially if the music is word for word, verbatim. There is a band that has the Bible in songs, and it's unique in that the author has been working in the songs for over 35 years and have a high quality. This is the website:

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