Welcome to Mormon Hacker


Welcome to Mormon Hacker.

This blog was inspired by Lifehacker, a site dedicated to bringing people tips, tricks, and ideas to make their lives easier and more simple. My wife and I are HUGE fans of the site.

We started talking about how Mormons need something like this. For years our leaders have admonished us to make our lives more simple. Yet, it seems like the general membership has not gotten the message. People complain because the gospel is a burden or that they aren’t getting much out. We think the problem stems from the lack of knowledge on how to maximize the resources we have right in front of us.

This is where Mormon Hacker comes in.

Each day, we’ll bring you Mormon Hacks: shortcuts on how to utilize the internet, computers, as well as other resources in order to make living the gospel-from food storage to home teaching, from frugal living to planning lessons-more fun, easy, and fulfilling. We hope you enjoy.

  1. I have no intention of you publishing this comment (please don’t). I just couldn’t find any contact information for you, so I thought I would contact you through your comments.

    I wanted to see what you think of the website http://www.pyxlin.com. It was created by BYU students (one of them being me): http://nn.byu.edu/story.cfm/67549

    I was also wondering what it would take for me to convince you to let your readers know about us?

    Your fellow BYU student,

    Jeff Harmon
    Team Pyxlin

  2. I agree with Jacob’s comment about your Google Ads from way back in 2006. This is my first time at the site because someone recommended it. When I saw some of the Google ads and links, I thought the site had been taken over by anti-LDS people because they were either negative or irreverent of sacred things.

  3. AWESOME!! I love the site and I love the name choice! Someone made a comment in a different post about the name of your site. People that understand that true hacking is just simply taking something apart to learn how it works and is not illegal in and of itself, in its true form, then they would realize that this name fits perfectly. Taking something to its simplest for to better understand how to get it done is very efficient and you do it well here. Keep it up and good job!

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