VIDEO: Self-Discovery and Faith | Try Faith: 30-Day Challenge | I Don’t Always Feel God’s Love | #HearHim

VIDEO: Self-Discovery and Faith | Try Faith: 30-Day Challenge | I Don’t Always Feel God’s Love | #HearHim


Welcome to the Try Faith: 30-Day Challenge with Anna, a relatable and inspiring young woman on a journey of self-discovery and faith. With her active, intellectual mind-set and a caring heart, she embraces a diverse range of interests while working at a children’s library. But underneath her outward enthusiasm, Anna struggles with personal doubts and social anxiety that drain her energy.

Despite her challenges, Anna firmly believes in God and finds solace in the small miracles of life and the lesser-known details of Jesus’s ministry. Determined to draw more love into her life and overcome her feelings of self-dislike, she embarks on this 30-day challenge.

Through this transformative experience, Anna hopes to discover a deeper sense of self-acceptance and to learn to trust herself more fully. Throughout the challenge, Anna reaches out to serve and care for those in need while she battles her own insecurities.

As the days unfold, she confronts her social anxiety head-on. She explores the connection between her faith and her ability to love herself. Her breakthrough realization is both profound and heartfelt when she discovers that loving herself is not only essential but also a way to extend love to others.

Join Anna on this incredible journey as she shares her experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Her 30-day challenge culminates in a powerful conclusion that affirms a profound truth about our relationship with God. Through Anna’s story, you will find inspiration, relatability, and encouragement to embrace your own faith, confront doubts, and discover the transformative power of love.


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