What a week it has been!! Elder Jackson is currently on his 3rd flight and 38th hour of travel with The Army of God …look at this photo with 400+ missionaries returning home from serving Africa, 75 of these elders are from Colton’s mission. 30 Congolese elders remain in Kenya locked out of their home country borders – please continue to pray for them and the other missionaries closed in in to be able to also return to their families.

We will celebrate Colton arriving home TODAY! This weekend was a like a rollercoaster for so many of us missionary families as far away foreign borders started closing in our boys – it was scary but it caused us to gain a stronger testimony that everything happens for a reason and gave us the opportunity to ask for help and to witness the power of Prayer – we are grateful for your part in that. ❤️ missionary photo credit to the amazing Tracey Ence and Leslie Montgomery for this beautiful plane graphic #ldsmissionary #lds #faith #prayer #grateful

This is Colton’s miracle flight home from Kenya just before it landed in SLC from South Africa/Lomé – they had spent 15 hours with this crew and felt it was an appropriate thank you for the excellent service rendered to them by the Ethiopian Airlines. #ethiopianairlines #Calledtoserve #Godbewithyoutillwemeetagain #gratitude #miracles