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VIDEO: I hear a voice and specific answer from God

“I received an immediate answer. The spirit doesn’t always talk to you with a voice, but this was a voice.”

I hear a voice and specific answer from God – powered by Happy Scribe

I received an immediate answer. The spirit doesn’t always talk to you with a voice, but this was a voice. When when God asks us to do things, when we receive commitments or even just impressions from the Holy Ghost. We are we have a very limited idea of what he has in store. Like I had prayed my whole life had been raised in the church, active, you know, but this was like the first one on one, like I had kind of a struggle or a conversation with God.

So I was 14 years old and I didn’t I didn’t really have any friends at this point. I was obsessed with playing video games specifically. It was a very specific game. It was called Halo. It was like the big thing back then. But I was like obsessed. I would say that I was addicted to playing this game because I was like not just playing the game, but I was reading the books and it was like I breathed the stuff that all changed, I think, at the very beginning of my ninth grade year because because I met this girl.

But I was so scared and nervous to talk to her, I could never do it. And so I ended up taking it to Heavenly Father. Just help me know what to say. But like, as soon as I finished praying for this particular thing, as I got the thoughts out because I received an immediate answer and it came and people say that it’s the spirit doesn’t always talk to you with a voice. But this was a voice like it was very specific words.

He said, stop playing Halo. And I just kind of like froze there in my bed for a second because this was like my life, you know, and I just pretended like it didn’t happen. And I ended my prayer and I just went to bed and tried to forget about it. And so I I kept ignoring it. And it was kind of sitting in the back of my mind. And I tried to push it out for a while.

And it probably was like that for like another couple of weeks. And I had a few embarrassing encounters with this girl. Again, trying to talk to her, couldn’t do it. And so, of course, I take it back to God because I just I really need the help. And again, before I could even finish my prayer, you know, the same words came back and I heard it was just as clear as day, like, you need to start playing Halo.

But I decided to make a deal with God. I was like, OK, so if I just play let me play one time through the campaign as fast as I can. And then once I’m done with that campaign, I’ll put everything away. It felt like there was warm water, like being like poured into your into my brain kind of and just kind of like filling up. It was like. Like the Holy Ghost had had come and was just verifying like this was an acceptable trade kind of a deal, but once I know what Heavenly Father wants me to do, if the Holy Ghost has, like, filled me up and like, this is what you need to do, I’m no longer afraid to do it.

Like, I just kind of carried it out. And this was like my whole life up to that point. And my mom got really mad at me because I had just spent all this money and suddenly I didn’t want to. I wasn’t doing it. And so we come down to gods half of the deal, right. Whether or not he’s going to help me.

But I did end up talking to her and not just her, but I that year I started talking to everybody. I consider that you’re a turning point for my life. Actually, I made more lifelong friends. I, I could probably say with confidence that if it weren’t for that decision, that I made that experience with Heavenly Father, that my life would have gone to a very different direction. If there’s anything that we ever are in need of, it’s available to us.

It’s just attached to a commitment that the Lord has in mind, and it’s just a matter of figuring out what that is. And then he’s willing to give it to us, but in greater abundance.

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