Author: Matthew Watkins

Personal Conversion, Personal Savior

I no longer try to imagine Christ suffering from the sins of the whole world on His shoulders for three hours. Instead, I try to picture Him kneeling down just for me.Bleeding from every pore just for me. In my mind, I picture Christ stopping time and spending as many minutes or hours or days or years is necessary to work out my salvation.

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When brothers become enemies

We’ve heard over and over again that the Gospel is all about families. And it is. But sometimes, when family members will not support us in our decisions to live the Gospel, we are ultimately left to choose between our family and our God.

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It’s never just a little…

Have you ever wondered why our Church is sneered at for being alarmist, perfectionist, and completely uncompromising? This is why. We are trying to learn the lesson the Nephites never learned. We are trying to learn that in it’s never just “a small number” of wicked men. It’s never just “a little pride.” There are no such things as “little dissensions.” There is no “small part of the people” that can fall away without bringing destruction upon the rest. And when it comes to God’s laws, we only need to compromise on “a few particular points” to find ourselves very stuck, very soon, in very big trouble.

When it comes to wickedness, it’s never, ever just “a little.”

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“Even among the Lamanites”

People change. God is doing His work. Usually, we get impatient and wonder why His work is taking so almost imperceptibly long. But God changed the hearts of the Lamanites. He changed the heart of Wilbur Cox. He can change the hearts of violent nations currently closed to the Gospel. And He can change the hearts of our friends and ministering assignments.

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