VIDEO: For King & Country with The Chosen? Little Drummer Boy

VIDEO: For King & Country with The Chosen? Little Drummer Boy


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I’m Dallas Jenkins, I’m creator of The Chosen, and I’m with my new friend Joel Smallbone, For King and Country. Why are we here on this set? You just finished something that I got a chance to watch. What were you doing here in Goshen?

Well, first things first. You’re the reason we’re here. And thanks to the great believers here in Salt Lake City, Utah, as well, for making this whole thing happen. But we just wrapped up this portion, the culmination of Little Drummer Boy, the music video, kind of our rendition of it.

And so this set is going to be the home to, well, your second season.

Well, the second season of The Chosen. But this is like first century Jerusalem, basically. What do you think when you walked onto the set here?

Oh, it’s mind blowing. I’m so thrilled to see how it comes to life in the second season of The Chosen. And I’m so excited for you to see how it came to life in The Little Drummer Boy, because the idea was to take basically a journey back through time from twenty twenty, as we’ve talked about it being such a disruptive year to another disruptive time, the first century when when Christ came and so walking back and it culminating in just behind us here the the the birthplace of Jesus.

Yeah. Yeah. I got a chance to watch you guys film this music video tonight and it was really inspiring for me to see what you guys are making it look like. I mean, it looks like first century. And I remember the first time I saw a little drummer boy, my son sat me down. He’s like, you’ve got to see this video for King and Country. And I had seen you guys before, but I hadn’t seen anything like that to you.

I got to say, I got a chance to watch. Well, thank you to you, son. But also, speaking of like sitting some someone down my in-laws lettuces a couple of months ago now, literally, like, hey, you have to come over right now. I’m not joking. SAT my wife and I down and said, you have to watch this television show about the life of Jesus. And so that’s what we did. We sat down and we watched it and it was one of those times.

And in-laws are doing the right thing. They’re doing the right thing. Brother in law is giving you good advice. Yeah, no, she’s worse. They’re great people. But it was I’m so I’m so proud of you. I’m proud to be here. Proud to be able to collaborate and real excited to see season two. I have I did put it out to Dallas so you can hold me accountable here because it’s documented about having some kind of cameo in the next couple of seasons.

So, yeah, you you’re a little too Roman looking to be Jewish to say I can be Roman, but you can be a Roman, a Roman soldier. So we’ll make you into like one of the nice Roman soldiers. But but yeah. Make sure you check it out, Little Drummer Boy, because that music video is going to be absolutely unbelievable. And I’m really thrilled that we were able to finally come together on something and shoot on this. Great.

Absolutely. And vice versa. If you haven’t checked out the chosen yet, make sure you give it a great watch, because I just think it brings to life the life of Jesus in a way you’ve never seen before. And so this is a good night.

Absolutely. Two thirty in the morning. Yes. Here we are absolutely signing off. God bless.

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