Coronaspection - Interview with Elder Jeffrey Holland

VIDEO: What has Elder Jeffrey Holland said about the latter days and COVID-19? Coronaspection with The Elijah Interfaith Institute





Elder Jeffrey Holland is a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. An educator and administrator, he is one of the highest ranking leaders in the Church. In this revealing exchange, Elder Holland shares how this period provides a first stop after forty years of intense activity. This is a transformative moment for him and it has  transformative potential for the entire Church. With more time to pray and with the deepening that is brought about by relative solitude, the sense of care for the other is made more real and more specific to all. It also expands and is universalized, drawing closer to his awareness the fundamental realization that we are all children of one father. With this broadening and deepening of vision come new opportunities and possibilities for how he, as a leader of the Church, would wish to see the Church’s service to humanity in the future and how this recovery of a deeper unity might translate in its policies and priorities.


Table of contents:


0:00 Personal Introduction

1:49 Meeting the Challenges

4:54 New discoveries within the Self

10:30 From action to contemplation – the role of contemplation in an active world

18:30 Engaging spiritual trauma on a global scale

22:00 Covid-19 and the later days

23:50 Solitude as reinforcement 

27:19 The family of God – Unity of Faith

34:48 Solidarity and responsibility

38:20 Faith and anxiety


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