Use Google To Help Plan A Wedding


It seems like we’re always telling you different ways to use Google services to do every thing from Bishop’s using Google voice, to finding recipes, to doing family history using Google, and that’s only a few examples. So what else could they possibly help us do? Well now they’re trying to help with wedding planning!

Google partnered with renowned wedding planner Michelle Rago to create various designs and helpful tools, using existing Google products, that help with do-it-yourself wedding planning.

With Google Weddings you can:

  • Create a wedding website with Google Sites
  • Photo editing and personalized announcements from Picnik
  • Plan the nuts and bolts using Google Docs
  • Share photos with Picasa Web Albums

And we love their slogan: “Simplify wedding planning.” Sounds familiar.

Just visit to check out the cool tools.

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  1. Thanks, Tevya. Hope I don't need this info for any of my daughter's this summer. In the meantime, I hope it's OK if I feature this in today's

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