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Most young people have a Facebook account. It allows people to stay connected know what’s going on in other people’s lives. I think it’s a valuable social tool that can be used for good. Unfortuantely, most people use it to share drunken photos of them selves. More Good Foundation suggests using it to share the gospel. Today, we hope to give you some ideas how you can.

  1. Under religious views put “Latter Day Saint- Christian
  2. Under websites put links to,, or to other LDS blogs
  3. In your photo album put pictures of a recent Church activity or temple trip
  4. Under quotes put your favorite scripture or quote from a leader
  5. Join LDS groups on Facebook and invite your non-member friends to join as well

These may be small steps, but every little bit helps when preaching the gospel.

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  1. I got a great idea from a friend by creating a "If you've ever wondered what Mormons believe.." note on facebook. I was amazed at how many people thanked me for writing that note! Almost no one in my school knew anything about Mormons.

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