#LIGHTtheWORLD Temple Square Christmas Lights

The other light displays that rival Temple Square at Christmas . . .

Christmas at Temple Square is magical! But what about the other Mormon Church light display that rivals Temple Square at Christmas?
  1. The other light displays that rival Temple Square at Christmas . . .
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Christmas at Temple Square is really magical!

Millions of sparkling colored lights, brilliant nativities, and a light skiff of snow is all it takes to turn the grounds into a Winter Wonderland.

#LIGHTtheWORLD Temple Square Christmas Lights Snow


But what about the other light display that rivals Temple Square at Christmas? Well, take a look . . .

LDS.org states that

The Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial is placed in the hills of Sharon, where the Prophet Joseph Smith was born on December 23, 1805. The memorial is marked by a 38½-foot-tall granite obelisk on a 12-foot base of solid granite. The Church placed the memorial on Joseph’s 100th birthday.

The obelisk itself has one foot of height for each year the Prophet lived. It is currently the tallest polished solid granite obelisk in North America.

The lights and the animal displays are great reminders of the Christmas season—bringing the Christmas spirit and a feeling of joy to visitors. The display will be open each evening throughout December.




What are your favorite locations to see Christmas lights? Tell us in the comments below.
Learn more about various aspects of the Christmas lights on Temple Square here:

What to expect when you see the lights on Temple Square

History of the lights on Temple Square


#LIGHTtheWORLD Temple Square Christmas Lights
Temple Square Christmas Lights (photos of Temple Square courtesy of Ron Fox)


Find the best light displays in Utah on the map here!

  1. The Joseph Smith birthplace is a fabulous place to visit in the summer or autumn too. We were there in September and it was just heavenly. I recommend that everyone make the effort to get there and enjoy the spirit and the beauty of the place.

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