Liahona LDS Mormon Las Vegas stolen urn

The Liahona. Found in Las Vegas?


Las Vegas.

A burglery.

A brown wooden box.

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A gold lock.

What’s inside?

“When I first saw it, I thought it was an urn,” Khai Vu said, who made the unusual discovery next to his driveway in the rocky Vegas landscape.

Upon further examination, it turns out it is the Liahona.

Well . . .

kind of.

It’s a replica.

Liahona LDS Mormon Las Vegas stolen urn

According to Vu, this Liahona was left in his yard the same day his car was broken into. He’s convinced a burglar dumped it there.

He’s taking a page out of the New Testament, and being a good Samaritan. He’s holding onto it until he finds the rightful owner.

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What did the Liahona look like? Ryan Warnick shares his thoughts . . .


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