The Chosen Season Two, Episode Two Sneak Peek


If you’ve already got “The Chosen” app and are casting it to your streaming device, you can stop reading. If you’ve got any questions about it or haven’t made the switch yet, this is important.

The Chosen team is building and very soon the only way to watch the show will be on their app (or

(QUESTIONS? PROBLEMS? Go to and click the help icon in the bottom right corner.)

Downloading the app:
1. Go to your Google Play or Apple app store & search for the Chosen.
2. Press the download button & wait for the app to download.
3. Rejoice and be glad.

Watching a video on your TV:
1. Make sure your streaming device (Roku, Apple TV, Firestick, Chromecast) is on and connected to the internet.
2. Open the Chosen app on your phone & select your video.
3. Press the Send To TV button or the “cast icon” in the top right corner & select your device.
4. Press play.
5. Marvel at the amazing and free technology.

If you’re having any trouble:
1. Make sure your phone & device are connected to the same Wifi.
2. Close & reopen your app.
3. Ensure your app is updated (go to the app store to check).
4. Press the Send To TV button or cast icon, select “Can’t find your device?” and go through the steps.
5. Go to and click the help icon in the bottom right corner.
6. If none of the above works, throw your phone out the window and curse the technology gods. If your problem is solved, do a dance of joy.

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