This post, discovered on Facebook and reposted here with approval, is interesting to those involved in Church history! Read more below!

Note that the size of the book he is holding most closely resembles the 1837 Kirtland Book of Mormon hand-printed by Oliver Cowdery!

This afternoon I paid $6,000 for this photograph at a New York City auction, identified as Frederick Granger Williams Smith (1836-1862), the son of Joseph and Emma Smith, matched to his painting and another photograph in my collection.

It was handed down to a Hyrum Smith descendant. Frederick died at the end of his 26th year, and this photograph would be in his early 20s somewhere in 1850-1860.

This is just one of 10,000s of photographs I curate in my Mormon history museum/archive.

Why is it important?

Because, believe it or not, there is no positively identified photograph of Joseph Smith, his father. Early photographs of his nearest relatives are critical to recreating the appearance of Joseph Smith in art.