See where the 17 new temples are located on this interactive map!

See where the 17 new temples announced in April 2022 are located on this interactive map!


Talk: President Russell M. Nelson

Now Is the Time


  • Learning from the past and preparing for the future are important.Β 
    • But now is the time to learn, repent, bless others and β€œlift up the hands which hang down.”
  • We have received important directions for the future.Β 
    • My prayer is that the Spirit has spoken to you directly about things the Lord would have you do
  • This conference has been a blessing through the prayers, messages and music.Β 
    • It has also come with important directions for the future.Β 
      • The future is always uncertain.Β 
      • Weather, economic cycles, disasters, wars, accidents and illness are unpredictable and can change life quickly.Β 
      • But there are some things we can control, including how we spend our time each day
  • The adversary never sleeps
  • There will always be opposition to the truth.Β 
    • I repeat my urging from this morning to do those things that will increase your positive spiritual momentum, to keep you moving forward through whatever challenges and opportunities come.”
  • The shadow on my finger cast (Henry Van Dyke)
    • The shadow by my finger cast

Divides the future from the past:

Before it, sleeps the unborn hour,

In darkness, and beyond thy power.

Behind its unreturning line,

The vanished hour, no longer thine:

One hour alone is in thy hands,-

The NOW on which the shadow stands.

  • Positive spiritual momentum increases through worshiping in the temple.
    • Counter worldly ways by focusing on the eternal blessings of the temple
    • The temples under construction and the 17 new announced temples will bless lives on both sides of the veil.Β 
    • The Lord leads and guides His Church.Β 
    • β€œMay we be a people worthy of the Lord, who said, β€˜Ye shall be my people, and I will be your God.’”
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