Scott Jarvie is one of the best photographers we know here at MLH. And one of his biggest projects is photographing religious buildings around the United States.

Scott says the most popular purchases on are by far LDS (Mormon) Temples.

Like many artists, Scott is supported by people who love his craft and become “patrons” through a service called Patreon.

He is running a special promotion during this Christmas season. Please note we are not being compensated in any way to promote Scott. We love what he does and want to support him in his inspiring efforts to uplift others through art!


At the one year mark all of Scott’s $5 level patrons are able to get temple prints for themselves for the rest of their life. (As long as they’re a patron.)

Also 1 print as a gift yearly.


Any patron new or old up until the end of 2016 who signs up at the $5+ level will get access to this if they simply commit to the year in advance.

How do you commit? You just write a comment that this is what you’re doing and we’ll call it a verbal understanding between us .


Obviously patreon is about supporting Scott and his projects; however it does make a lot of financial sense if you want an LDS Temple picture for yourself or as a gift.

For example, a print right with the full-sized file for one image is $90, while a one-year commitment as a patron is only $60.

You can still order physical prints from the lab he uses and all you’ll need to do is pay them for the print cost.





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