President Russell M. Nelson Announces Special Christmas Livestream | #LightTheWorld

Read the First Presidency’s 2023 Christmas message | Church News

Read the First Presidency’s 2023 Christmas message

“Jesus Christ is God’s transcendent gift,” the First Presidency testifies in its annual Christmas message.

Miracles have not ceased, Elder Ronald A. Rasband says during devotional on day of ‘gratitude and thanksgiving’

“My thoughts today are about miracles,” he said. “Miracles are divine acts, manifestations and expressions of God’s limitless power. You, every one of you here, is a miracle.”

Nearly 670,000 tour St. George Utah Temple during its fall open house

Some 30,000 volunteers staffed the 9-week open house, drawing visitors from the region and participants in the Huntsman World Senior Games and St. George Marathon.

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