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Parker Walbeck’s “Thailand in 4k — Ye are Gods” is a must see of how art and faith can be reconciled


You guys!

This video by Parker Walbeck is incredible. And beautiful! And faith-promoting.

Many people in creative spaces (like YouTube) sometimes struggle knowing how best to share their personal beliefs. This is a great example of how an artist can align their beliefs with their art in a tasteful and effective way.

Nice work Parker!


Some of Parker’s YouTube description is below:

I don’t talk about this often in the workplace but my biggest passions in life are my faith and my family, followed by my work.

So this video was an attempt to combine all 3 of those passions.

My hope is that even those who don’t share my beliefs will find this video inspiring and uplifting.

My faith has brought me so much joy in my life that I simply want to share it with others. If you’re interested in learning more about my beliefs, you can click here for a free book:…

Or feel free to shoot me an email at, I’m always open to faith based discussions!

Check out some of Parker’s temple wedding videos.


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