If you are like over half the population of the United States, you have binge-watched Stranger Things.

And if you are Mormon, you probably took special note of the clip about Mormons. “Talkative” Mormons.

Well, if you are watching, you are not alone . . .

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In addition, Season 3 has Mormons in it as well!

Scott D. Pierce from The Salt Lake Tribune has this to say . . .

In Episode 1, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) returns home to Hawkins, Ind. — the site of all that supernatural mayhem in the first two seasons — from a monthlong stay at science camp. And, to the surprise of his friends, the teenager met a girl there.

“Girls go to science camp?” Mike (Finn Wolfhard) asks — a minor example of the 1980s-esque sexism that accurately pervades “Stranger Things.”

“Suzie does,” Dustin replies. “She’s a genius.”

But she’s not just smart, he assures his friends. “Think Phoebe Cates, only hotter” — another true-to-the-’80s line.

But Suzie lives in Utah, so Dustin enlists his friends to lug equipment up the highest local hill to set up a super-powered radio tower he’s built so he can contact her.