About one year ago a human experience crowdsourcing app called “Lifey” was just created. Recently, the Lifey app published its 10,000th video about life topics.

Lifey is a unique app where people can share their experiences on an intimate level- face to face. As Lifey grows, the increasing number of videos and topics provide further detail and information on what people want to know. As I have used this app, I have visualized its massive potential and the incredible impact it can have in our world.

Curiosity brought about my first experience with Lifey and through its simple and user friendly interface, I was able to find a variety of different videos on The United Kingdom (a country I am familiar with and a place I consider home). Listening to the experiences other people brought back fond memories of my experiences and because of that, I was compelled to make videos myself. The feeling I got from watching these people share personal memories made me want to do the same thing for others. This aspect is what makes Lifey so brilliant and why its potential is unbounded. It creates a community in which we can all share our thoughts, feelings, and memories.

One of Lifey’s best features is its huge variety of different topics and subtopics. After choosing an overriding topic from the home screen, you’re able to choose subtopics within that category and go even further in some. For example, when it comes to travel- a main focus for the app- there is a topic for anything you would want to mention for a country, state, or city, allowing creative freedom and an ability to express anything you want. Even though the videos only record for up to 60 seconds, it gets to the point quickly and the process of recording and uploading is quick and surprisingly addictive. Lifey is a fantastic place to upload interesting videos quickly, easily and have fun doing so.

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I understand that this blog is written primarily for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, so I am able to express even further my thoughts on the church and this app. One of the overriding categories located on the home screen is missionary work. The emphasis placed on missions in this app in itself could provide missionary opportunities. As the app grows, people not of the church will be interested in what “Missions” are. This app is a fantastic opportunity to share your own experiences with the church and your missions. As this category grows and more people download and use the app, people will be intrigued and look at these videos you created about you mission and the impact the church has had in your life.

Lifey is an incredible app for more reasons I can write in this small blog post. Its potential could provide the world with an amazing and informational resource that everyone can benefit from. If I were you, I would exit this page, take out your phone and download this useful and fun little app.

Download the Lifey app!

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lifey-helpful-short-videos/id1427725117

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lifey.thelifeyapp