LDS Mobile Apps: Infographic & New Music iOS App


The LDSTech community has been busy. They just released LDS Music, a new app for iOS! The advantage to this over the music content in the LDS Gospel Library are:

  • View just the words, or the full sheet music (music readers can see the notes as they sing, and pianists and other musicians can put their iPad in the music-rest instead of a hymnbook)
  • Sort by topic, author, or composer (I’m waiting for a “1st Lines and Titles” option, that’s where I always go when I don’t know the hymn number)
  • Search the content of songs, not just titles, etc.
  • Play instrumental music, right from the app for accompaniment when no pianist (or piano) is available.

Get the app free for iPhone, iPad, or iPod here.

LDS Apps Infographic

Cindy Garber Iverson, a volunteer at LDSTech created a great infographic, to help you quickly find out available LDS apps, see what they do, and if they’re available for your device (PDF version here):

iOS users: let us know what you think of the new music app.
Everyone else: tell us if this infographic helps you.

    1. I\’m an Android user as well. Hoping one will follow. But LDSTech (and therefore all mobile apps) are done through volunteer work. So it all depends on the Android volunteers at LDSTech.

      1. Hey, I develop Android apps and one of the LDS apps that I have created is LDS hymns(the one by KDR not any of the others). Feel free to check it out. I am planning on doing a major upgrade soon to address a few issues but it works great for now. Feel free to check it out!

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