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LDS man skis off 152 foot cliff and survives!

Do you believe in miracles? You will after you watch this.

Do you believe in miracles?

You will after you watch this.

Brooklyn and Bailey are popular LDS YouTube creators, and their cousin was on skis when he went off a 152 foot cliff.

Their post reads:

Our cousin Devin was powder skiing down the back side of Mt. Timpanogos in Utah last week when he decided to follow a previous skier’s tracks. He noticed a jump, took it, AND… it turned out to be a massive 152′ cliff!

Devin said the fall felt like 5 minutes, and he landed on his back. Miraculously, he walked away with only some broken gear and helmet. He says his ribs initially hurt, but he ended up with no broken bones or bruises!

(Devin plans to go back and measure the exact height of the cliff, but his team has estimated the height using a complex mathematical formula factoring his weight, air resistance, free fall timing, etc, to arrive a the height of 152 feet 7.295 inches.)

You may not be aware, but Devin’s younger sister Rachel (also an identical twin) passed away from brain cancer in Aug 2015. No doubt Rachel was watching over her brother during this accident! You can read more about Rachel and her amazingly courageous journey on her blog HERE:

If you thought this video was as miraculous as we did, please feel free to share it! Devin is lucky to be alive, we are all happy that he is healthy and safe!

Be sure to check back next week for our Twin Which Twin Challenge!

❤️’s -Brooklyn

Miraculously, he landed below in the snow relatively unharmed. Many believe it was because some branches caught the tips of his skis and forced him into a position where he distributed his weight more equally.



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