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Is your phone in REVERENT MODE? Check out the LDS REVERENT MODE app!

Have you ever been in sacrament meeting, being really reverent and feeling the Spirit as you listen to the speaker, when out of nowhere AC/DC’s HIGHWAY TO HELL starts blaring? This app will make sure you aren’t *THAT* person . . .

Have you ever been in sacrament meeting, being really reverent and feeling the Spirit as you listen to the speaker, when out of nowhere AC/DC’s HIGHWAY TO HELL starts blaring?

As the reverence quickly leaves the room, you (and the whole congregation) look around for the culprit who has chosen such a heathen song for their ring tone.


Oops. It is an all too common problem–we have probably all forgot to silence our phone during church.

Fear no more. This app will do that automatically for you!

This app is designed to work specifically for LDS Chapels (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). However, it’s not affiliated in anyway with the LDS Church. The developer just made this app to help members manage their ringer in a real simple way (and make sure others don’t know what heathen ringtones you have).

All you need to do is install the app and it’ll configure itself automatically when you run it.

When you walk into an LDS chapel, it’ll put your phone on vibrate mode. Once your phone sees that you’re not in church anymore, it will take it out of vibrate mode.

This app uses the LDSAccess Wifi SSID to determine your location. You do not need to have wifi on and you don’t even need the app running in the background. It uses information already gathered from the app so it’s not a drain on your battery.

This is an Android-only app for the time being.


Did you try it? Did you like it? Tell us what you think!

  1. Been using it since it was BETA mode. Love, love love it. Don’t forget to turn ringer off before services and don’t forget to turn it bsck on when I leave. No interruptions when meeting with the Bishop or others.

  2. I’m glad you guys liked my app! Thanks MLH for featuring it! I’m glad so many people are finding it useful. To my surprise, it works with chapels all around the world. Apparently the SSID is standard in ALL chapels so that’s pretty nice.

    As for the iPhone version, by far the most popular request I get. My hands are tied until Apple allows devs to control the iPhone’s ringer volume. Right now, the only way to do it is with the physical button on the device. They won’t let me do it programmatically but I’m hoping that will change soon. When it does, I’ll be ready to release the iPhone version! =)

  3. I’ve been trying this app for a few days now, and for some reason, it doesn’t appear to kick in right away. In order for this app to be worthwhile (in my opinion), it needs to activate itself automatically as soon as I enter the building, without my needing to take any explicit action. Am I doing something wrong here? Is there some setting I need to check?

    1. Rich,
      If you’re on Android 6.0, it should work pretty instantly when you walk into church. Android 7.0 changed the way some background tasks work and has limited the amount of times that the device does network scans. In trying to prevent battery drain, this app doesn’t do any additional network scans. It just relies on the scans done by the device itself to get it’s information. As a result, Android 7.0+ takes a little while longer to activate if the device is not in use. Having said that, it should still trigger towards the beginning of sacrament. If that’s not the case or if you’re on an older version of Android and still have this issue, contact me directly by using the email in the app store listing and I’ll troubleshoot this with you some more.

      1. I have a Samsung Note 9S. I have learned that I have to unlock my phone for the reverent mode to activate and unlock my phone to deactivate it.

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