I’m a minimalist. Sometimes people can’t understand why I minimize certain parts of my life but it’s like a drug for me. I love simple.

I’ve been doing some traveling lately and I hate checking bags. I want to just take a small roller carry-on and my computer bag. If I have to take more than that, the trip is not worth it and I am probably spending way too much money.

Six months ago I bought a Scrubba. It’s a small green laundry wash bag that has changed my life when I travel. No matter how long the trip I minimize a lot of my clothing because I can easily launder clothing in my hotel room. I include only 2 pairs of garments (awkward moment: this is the first time I have ever publicly talked about my underwear, but I’m an active Mormon so no surprise what kind of underwear I have). Okay, to be completely honest I actually pack 3 pairs just in case one is still drying and something dramatic happens to the pair I am wearing (yes, I’m potty trained). I have never used the 3rd pair.

You think washing your clothes is too much work while you travel? Again, I’d rather take 5 minutes to wash clothes than lug around a suitcase the size of Texas, full of dirty celestial undies.

Here’s the trick…

Right before I get in the shower, I put yesterday’s soiled clothes in the Scrubba, add a little detergent and water according to the instructions (side note: you want to pack a little baggie of powder detergent. Liquid detergent might be difficult getting through airport security). I then let out remaining air in the Scrubba and close it up. Next I throw it on the floor of the shower. As I shower, I give the Scrubba a few kicks and stomps here and there to get things clean. At the end of my shower I then take each item out of the wash bag and quickly rinse. I then hang the clothes in the hotel closet, place a towel on the floor to catch the drips. Within 12-24 hours my undies smell fresh and are ready for a day’s wear.

I recommend wearing Dri-Lux (dry release) garments because they dry quickly. Cotton garments may take longer than 24 hours to dry unless you wring them out with a towel (the minimalist in me hates that extra step, so I go with Dri-Lux. Mesh fabrics dries fast as well, but I’m not a fan of mesh. You can use it for other articles of clothing as well.

I also use the Scrubba at home from time to time for clothing that I prefer being hand-washed.