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How Many Giving Machines Donations Have Been Made So Far During The 2022 #LightTheWorld Initiative?


#LightTheWorld #GivingMachines cartoon illustration 2021

The numbers are coming in!

101,000+ donations had been made through Dec. 15 at Giving Machines — the humanitarian aid vending machines that are part of the annual Light the World initiative sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

According to a news release, among the items purchased are:

7.3 million water purification tablets

More than one million meals

197,300 polio vaccines

More than 18,600 chickens

About 1,700 beehives

More than 80 water pumps

The church doubled the number of cities with Giving Machines this year to 28. Eight other cities have received visits from mobile Giving Machines.


In 10 cities last year, the machines raised $5.8 million.


In all, the Giving Machines have raised more than $15 million.


This year’s “Light the World” Giving Machines will continue to operate through Jan. 2.

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