LDS Church 1st Presidency: Monson, Eyring, Uchtdorf

How did you watch General Conference? [Poll]


Personally I watched it via online streaming. Though my family & I live in Utah, we’re in an area that doesn’t get very good over-the-air signals. So I just went to and streamed it from there. I also hooked my laptop up to our TV with HDMI. It worked great and looked as good as if it were coming over the air. Let us know how you experienced General Conference in our poll:

Also, if you have any life-hacks on how to watch General Conference, or get the most out of it, or even manage the kids during it, let us know with a comment below.

  1. "did" – as in past tense? We will be watching it next weekend in Japan via satellite broadcast at church ^_^

  2. @namakemono so they don't broadcast live in Japan/Japanese huh?

    @Micah. That's a good idea. I heard that #ldsconf was on twitter's list of top topics on Sat.

  3. No. I had assumed the week lag it was to give time to translate everything?? But it now is only a week later – before with videos etc it took much longer.

  4. We watched all the sessions (but Priesthood, of course) online at home in Michigan; for Priesthood we had to go to the stake center. When we lived in Taiwan, we'd have "conference weekend" a week later because conference is in the middle of the night! We'd watch most of the sessions at home online (either BYUTV or the church's website depending which signal was faster), and we'd go to the stake center for the PH session (on DVD).

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