The Quickest Ways to Review LDS General Conference Talks


We all love General Conference. I often treat it somewhat like New Years. I use it as a time for starting over spiritually, implementing new systems, recommitting, and of course learning.

But it’s kinda like drinking from a fire-hose, as they say. There’s so much, crammed into 2 days (plus Women’s Conf the previous weekend), that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. What we need is a refresher, quick ways to review what we heard and learned, that don’t take another 12hrs to review it all. Here’s how you can do that.

Reading Method

You can read the official summaries on These are nice, short, cliff-notes style summaries of the important points from each talk. There’s a page for each session, and they’re updated before the session is even over. If you’re reading this after Oct 2016, use the “Conferences” drop-down in the menu at the top, to select the most recent conference.

Listening Method

Did you know your brain can process the spoken word much faster than most people speak it? That’s especially true in Conference where they’re going at the speed of the teleprompter. That’s to make sure the translators have time to say the same things in other languages. So you can process what you hear in Conference, much faster than they talk. This means you can listen to General Conference at 2-times (maybe faster) normal speed.

So the key is to get only the talks, without the music and prayers and such, then speed them up. I show you how to do it in the great PocketCasts app on Android in this video, but the same options are available in other podcast apps, audio apps, as well as desktop media players:

PocketCasts is available on Android, Apple, Windows, & any browser, so if you’re not sure how to do this by downloading the MP3 and speeding up in your media player, just do the same thing I did in the video, but with the PocketCasts app on your preferred listening platform.

Now you can listen while you drive or mow the lawn, and in much shorter time than re-listening to entire sessions, at normal speed.

Resources Shown

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