A Message of Comfort, Strength and Grace

Anyone can get up to 5 free prints from a select 8 images with a minimal mailing fee. We hope your viewers and followers will benefit from this.

There are some fun events coming up–for free–with different professional artists sharing their talent and expertise. Last week, the one and only Del Parson did an amazing class on pencil drawing. In the future, they will have photography, painting, drawing, and much more.

Link to giveaway:
Finding Peace Through Art – A Free Art Give Away
If there was ever a time and a place for the message of comfort, grace, and strength our art provides, it is now. A crisis can bring out the best or worst in all of us. If we let them, our fears can overpower our better instincts. But if we open our eyes, we will find ways we can help and lift others; ways we can relieve suffering and make the fear we all face seem a little less.
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Let Art Be Your Voice.