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GTD Setup
Originally uploaded by Mormon Hacker.

My wife and I recently discovered, Getting Things Done by David Allen. We’ve decide to implement his system into our lives. We just started, but so far we’re happy with the results.

GTD is about collecting the stuff that fills our lives and putting it in a system that allows stuff to get done quickly and effectively. Instead of having to remember all the stuff you have to do, my wife and I just write it down on a note card. If we can do the action quickly we do it. If we can’t we file it for later.

There are several sites dedicated to GTD. It’s kind of become a sub culture among hipsters and geeks. 43 Folders is a great site for all things GTD.

With all the stuff members have going on in their lives (home teaching, work, callings, family stuff, ect.) GTD is something that I think can help members out a lot.

Click on the image above. It will take you to my photo album of my wife and I’s GTD setup.

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