FREE downloadable #LightTheWorld Giving Machine Printable from MeckMom

FREE downloadable #LightTheWorld Giving Machine Printable from MeckMom


Help your family focus on giving this season by creating your own personal #LightTheWorld Giving Machine

How does the ornament-size printable work?

Set a service goal as a family or youth group. Create your giving machine following the instructions on the printable. Print out a stack of #LightTheWorld cards. As your family performs small acts of service, encourage them to write those acts on the cards and add them to your giving machine. After the holidays, open the box and review the cards together.

What’s included in the free download?

Written printing and folding instructions

1 Giving Machine PDF (prints 1 per page)

1 PDF page of #LightTheWorld Giving Machine Cards (prints 12 per page)

1 PDF page of #LightTheWorld Service Ideas (prints 4 per page)

To access Jumbo #LightTheWorld printable, download the 16×20″ JPG version of the Giving Machine printable. You can find it here.

This printable is free to download and share for all non-commercial purposes.

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