Firefox Profanity Filter


If you use Firefox for your web browsing you can install a script that will convert profanity on a web page into ****. Before you can install it, you’ll need to install Greasemonkey into your Firefox extensions.

This is great, especially if you have little kids using the net.

Thanks Lifehacker!

  1. f-stop does not completely replace the profanity. I can find/create a script to use in greasemonkey but I know others will not be as technically inclined. Please post a valid link to the script as it is a great tool to use… even for adults.

  2. Hi there!
    I have been a big fan of your profanity filter for many years and I came back here to get another copy.
    Any chance you could make it available again?
    Or tell me how to get it off my other computer and install it on this one? Can that be done?


      1. Hi there! Thanks for getting back to me!
        I didn’t realize you didn’t write it.
        Yes… I saw the link to the f-stop.
        I checked it out, but it doesn’t work the same way.
        I have a son who is a computer science major in college.
        If “Mike” from up above in the comments can write his own script, maybe my son can too.

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