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Firefly’s “The Lord Is My Light” is a great Easter tribute to the #PrinceOfPeace!

The Lord is my light then why should I fear?


The Lord is my light then why should I fear?

We are honored to share the inspiring story of The Merrill Family.

Our Uncle Vance was diagnosed with a rare condition that caused kidney failure when he was a young father only 25 years old with 2 little children, Kessa and Ridge. After several months of dialysis, his sister Leslie was able to donate the perfect match to his kidney and for the past 18 years he has continued to work in spite of illness and a weakened immune system, he has carried on in faith.

He and his wife Tina have also welcomed two miracle children since that time, Kinley and Harrison. His family has been an example of the faith and light. They have not feared, but have trusted in the Prince Of Peace daily. Their example has been felt by hundreds of friends and families. Vance is now on “borrowed time” as he will need a new kidney to stay with his family here on earth. He will need our faith and help. His daughter (our cousin) Kessa is preparing to donate her kidney as soon as she can. They are all working every possible job to raise the funds for the transplant but they need our help.

We would love to have you share this video and their story and donate if you can. “Out of small and simple things proceedeth that which is great.”

Happy Easter Everyone!

May we find peace through our Savior Jesus Christ who is the #PrinceOfPeace special thank you to the beautiful Highland Gardens and Breea Guttery @tellthebirds for the gorgeous filming!

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