Joseph Carbone Eye Care For Kids

Eye Care For Kids is represented as a non-profit in the Summerlin (Las Vegas) Giving Machines

#SightTheWorld with the #GivingMachines

EyeCare4Kids™ is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, established for the exclusive purpose of promoting good vision and literacy. The founding mission was-and remains- to provide underserved, unserved and uninsured children with professional eye exams, vision screenings and prescription eyeglasses, at little or no cost.

This removes the barrier for families who cannot afford quality vision care. We believe all children must be treated the same; regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

Over our 20 years in the non-profit arena, we have grown to family-, school- and community-based vision clinics in four states; Utah, Nevada, New Jersey and Arizona.

We have three ‘See-More’ mobile vision clinics – an optometrist’s office on wheels – in Utah, Nevada and Arizona. EyeCare4Kids makes year trips to the four-corners area (Navajo Reservation) to assist with eye care services and our mobile clinics are scheduled a year in advance as they travel throughout school districts offering these valuable services.


Our future?

We’re looking through rose-colored glasses to help children worldwide.






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