Day 1 Recap of Opening Night at ZIFF24 | Zions Indie Film Fest | Orem | Scera

Day 1 Recap of Opening Night at ZIFF24 | Zions Indie Film Fest | Orem | Scera

Welcome ZIFF Fans!

Opening night at ZIFF24 was a spectacular success! The event kicked off with the highly anticipated screening of The Faith of Angels to a completely sold-out audience of 700+ seats in the Clarke Grand Theatre. It was truly a magical moment to see the film receive such overwhelming support and appreciation. Filmmakers and actors participated in a Q&A after each screening and shared insights to their experiences on set.

A special thank you to John Michael Finley, lead actor in the film for his soul-stirring rendition of ‘Bring Him Home’, which added a touch of magic to the evening. Festival owners and co-directors, Marshall and Michelle Moore addressed the audience and talked about collaboration and the spirit of “INDIE” films.

ZIFF also kicked off the music video block last night, showcasing the incredible talent and creativity of many performers. Each selected video brought something special to the event.

Cafe ZIFF: Musical Delights

A big shout out to the newly introduced ‘Cafe ZIFF’, which provided attendees with a delightful musical experience throughout the evening. The live music performers truly brought a unique energy to the festival, and fantastic performances were enjoyed by all. 

TUESDAY, Feb 27th

Immerse yourself in Day 2 at ZIFF with filmmakers and film enthusiasts showcasing a stellar lineup of feature films, the first short film block, and a thought-provoking documentary film. Be inspired, entertained, and engaged in conversations around diverse topics. Join us for a wonderful experience and stay with us after the credits roll.

“By far and away the best film festival I have been to in years. So well run, classy and unpretentious. Marshall and Michelle make everyone feel welcome whether you are a novice or a veteran. So many useful and worthwhile workshops and panels. The BEST experience I have had at any film festival and I cannot wait until next year!”
– Scott B.
Thank you once again to all the attendees, participants, performers, and supporters who made the opening night of Zions Indie Film Fest 2024 a resounding success. We look forward to more memorable moments and outstanding films in the days to come.

Warm regards,

Marshall & Michelle Moore
Zions Indie Film Fest

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