Davdi Archuleta #LIghtTheWorld Lima Peru Orphanage

David Archuleta visits an orphanage in Lima and helps to #LightTheWorld in Peru

David shows his love for children and serving others!
Click the link below to read the article in Spanish, or read it below in English (translated using Google translate):

David Archuleta and his tender experience in a Peruvian orphanage

Posted by Melody Mejia | Dec 7, 2017 | Latin America

As part of his visit to Peru, David Archuleta visited the children of the Perez Aranibar 
orphanage in Lima. 

This has been a very significant experience for one of the best known Mormon artists in 
America and especially recognized in Latin America.

In this special visit to the Peruvian orphanage, Archuleta had a time with the children 
to talk, play and delight them with some songs. 

After his encounter with the children he moved to the Temple of Lima.

David Archuleta also met with the president of the South America Northwest Area for 
a program that will be broadcast on December 16 for young people from 12 to 30 years 
old in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. 

"A meeting with David Archuleta" is conducted by the renowned journalist and 
current director of Public Affairs, Guillermo Estrugo.








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